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Freehold Township Schools Science Fair Mentoring

Photo Album - Science Fair Mentoring
Biotech's Students of Service (SOS) at West Freehold Elementary School


Biotech Students Rock TSA & NHS 

This Saturday, May 2nd, Biotech students participated in two different competitions and walked away with over 40 awards.

The Technology Student Association (TSA) is an organization that is dedicated to giving students the opportunities to work with many types of technology, some of which include digital video presentation, fashion design, and photography. Below is the list of 31 students that won in the TSA competition.

  • Burton Ye (11th grade) won 3rd place in Career Preparation.

  • Jacob Barabas, Varsha Garla, Himani Jani, Brian Meng, Kelsey Nies, and Simran Tatuskar (all 10th grade) won 2nd place in Chapter Team.

  • Siddarth Iyer and Roy Kim (both 10th grade) won 2nd place in Debating Technological Issues.

  • Andrew Chen, Saaketh Kanikicharla, Victoria Momyer, Alex Yang, and Burton Ye (all 11th grade) won 1st place in Digital Video Production and qualified for the national TSA competition.

  • Patricia Magistrado, Jenna Moldaver, Tiffany Paul, and Alexandra Winant (all 10th grade) won 2nd place in Fashion Design.

  • Phoebe Dijour and Joyce Xu (both 9th grade) won 2nd place in Manufacturing Prototype.

  • Sara Cruz (11th grade) won 2nd place in Photographic Technology.

  • Anekha Goyal (10th grade) won 2nd place in Prepared Presentation.

  • Arpan Sahoo (9th grade), John Rezek (9th grade), and Adam Konkol (10th grade) won 1st place in SciVis and qualified for the national TSA competition.

  • Caitlin Patterson (10th grade) won 2nd place in Technical Sketching and Application.

  • Mike Abelar, Ricky Pati, Daniel Andrade, Mike Brennan, and Dylan Cook (all 10th grade) won 1st place in Webmaster and qualified for the national TSA competition.


National History Day is an program in which students can investigate and analyze historical events. Students can also compete with projects that focus on a single historical event. Below is a list of all that were recognized for their efforts.

  • Kylie Katz, Rachel Weinstein, Allyson Bazer, Janelle Hampton, and Kelly O’Rourke (all 11th grade) advanced to the National Finals in the Group Documentary category and will be competing in Maryland.

  • Ingrid Song, Orli Weiss, Vahini Talmati, and Thomas Lehan (all 10th grade) were named First Alternates for the Group Historical Performance category and will attend nationals if the Qualifiers cannot.

  • Lauren Kwok and Michelle Chen (both in 10th grade) were named First Alternates in the Group Documentary category and will attend if the Qualifiers cannot.

  • Bharath Nagaraj and Patrick Kim were named First Alternates for Group Historical Exhibit category and will attend nationals if the Qualifiers cannot.

Congratulations to all who won and will be moving on to national competitions. Keep up the good work! 



Biotech is 8th in W!SE Top 10 High Schools Teaching Personal Finance 


  • Third annual event marks the 13th anniversary of the national Working in Support of Education (w!se) Financial Literacy Certification Program
  • Schools in 40 states now participating, up from 34 in prior year
  • Biotechnology High School ranked among the top 10 high schools
  • Students from the top ranked schools attend ceremony hosted by the New York Stock Exchange
  • Average passing rate was 77 percent for all participating schools
NEW YORK – April 20, 2015 – Working in Support of Education (w!se), a New York City based, national educational not-for-profit, today announced its third annual “100 Best w!se High Schools Teaching Personal Finance” national ranking during a ceremony sponsored by Voya Financial® at the New York Stock Exchange. This year, for the first time, w!se also released rankings of the top ten small, midsize and large high schools within its network.
The announcement marks the 13th anniversary of the w!se Financial Literacy Certification Program. Schools in 40 states participated in the certification program, up from 34 in the prior year. The award-winning program provides teachers with a curriculum and instructional resources to teach personal finance and measure students’ financial literacy through w!se’s Certification Test. Students who pass the test are designated Certified Financially Literate™. Since its introduction, the program has become an integral tool to teach personal finance in thousands of classrooms across the United States.
The 100 Best w!se High Schools Teaching Personal Finance recognizes the top performing high schools in w!se’s national network.  The schools were honored with banners as well as a trophy for the No. 1 ranked school at a ceremony, which included the following:
  • Sam Stovall, Managing Director, U.S. Equity Strategist for S&P Capital IQ
  • Amy Springsteel, Director, Corporate Responsibility, Voya Financial
  • Phyllis Frankfort Perillo, Founding President and CEO, Working in Support of Education
  • Tom Farley, President, New York Stock Exchang
  • Steve Wheeler, Director, New York Stock Exchange
  • Gretchen Goodall, Managing Director, Citi Institutional Clients Group/KYC Control Unit
  • Taylor Smith, Partner and Managing Director, Boston Consulting Group
  • Charlotte Frank, Ph.D., Senior Advisor Research and Development, McGraw Hill Education
  • James Abry, CFO, SCP Worldwide and CFO/Managing Director, Checketts Partners Investment Management
  • Bruce Kasman, Ph.D., Chief Economist, J.P. Morgan
  • Sharon Epperson, Senior Personal Finance Correspondent, CNBC
The 100 Best w!se High Schools Teaching Personal Finance ranking seeks to shine the spotlight on the importance of personal finance education. Only 17 states require personal finance instruction in high school. The level of financial literacy is particularly acute among people with no post-secondary education and with
incomes below $25,000. According to the FINRA Investor Education Foundation, Hispanics and African Americans are disproportionately represented in these education and income segments and are especially vulnerable. Retirement readiness is also a major issue.
“It is in our national interest to address the chronic lack of financial literacy among young people,” said Phyllis Frankfort Perillo, Founding President & CEO of w!se. “The schools – and their students – on our 100 Best ranking are examples for their peers and the country. These students are now empowered with skills, knowledge and behaviors critical for a life of financial wellbeing.”
“We believe that individuals need to be empowered to better understand and take control of their finances, so we’re proud to support w!se in its mission to advance financial literacy in high schools across the country,” said Amy Springsteel, Director of Corporate Responsibility for Voya Financial, sponsor of this year’s ranking and ceremony. “Congratulations to this year’s winners on completing your certification and taking an important step toward building a secure and rewarding future.”
“The w!se program is tremendously valuable to young students. It helps us approach our finances proactively and it helps us to know what to do and what to expect early in our experience with money rather than having to approach our finances reactively by trying to figure out how we got into debt and how to get out of it,” said a student from Chicago.
W!se determined the 2015 ranking with support from an Advisory Board of experts from academia and finance. The predominant factor was the average score on the Financial Literacy Certification Test with consideration given to eligibility for free lunch and the proportion of test takers to the school population.
The Financial Literacy Certification Program now includes more than 3.5 million hours of instruction in participating high schools annually. The average passing rate was 77 percent in 2014 for students at schools participating in the certification program. All schools participating in the Financial Literacy Certification Program have an opportunity to earn a place on the “100 Best” list each year.
For more information about w!se, contact info(at)wise-ny(dot)org, or visit the program website for the most recent program news and updates.
About Working In Support of Education (w!se)
Working In Support of Education (w!se) is a national not-for-profit dedicated to improving the lives of young people through programs that develop financial literacy and readiness for college and the workforce. Our Initiatives are built on five pillars – relevancy, real world experiences, strong partnerships, volunteerism, and evaluation. The standardized w!se Financial Literacy Certification Test is administered by schools participating in the Financial Literacy Certification Program to measure knowledge, skills and behavioral changes in students after a unit or course on personal finance. For more information, visit Follow w!se on Facebook and Twitter @wisenewyork.

Annie: A Peek Behind the Scenes 

Students at Biotech can often have a hard knock life working hard to maintain the school’s high academic status. However, many people outside of Biotech don’t know what we do outside of school. This spring, the Arts & Entertainment Club is making BTHS history by putting on its first ever musical! Since November, students from Arts and Entertainment have been working as actors, directors, musicians, painters, craftsmen, and more to tie together the musical Annie. The club will be following the storyline of a little curly-haired orphan girl named Annie who believes that her parents are still out there. Seniors Emily Triolo, Myles Columbo, and Joe Maggiore are directing the production and bringing the story of Annie to life.

The production of a musical is not the only new element of the Arts & Entertainment Club. Formerly the Music Club and the Drama Club, A&E has been merged this year for the first time. The members of the club are very grateful to Mr. Dannen (former Music Club and current A&E advisor), but were very sad to see Mrs. Lampinen (former Drama Club advisor) no longer lead Drama Club. The students producing Annie had several concerns because there had never been a collaboration this large between the clubs. “We lost an advisor but we gained an entire school,” Myles Columbo, a director said, “The fact that we’re trying to do the first musical Biotech’s ever done makes it really difficult to get the resources we need, but everyone’s been really willing to work with us and to really put time and effort into this incredibly ridiculous project we’ve tried to accomplish.”

“The cast has been working really hard for the better part of the year, so everyone should come see it,” Emily Triolo said, “Also, Henry [Campos is] dancing.” With the show approaching, the cast, pit band, stage crew, and everyone involved will be working even harder to put on a great show.

Henry Campos (Oliver Warbucks) is taking the stage in his first ever theater experience. “Initially, I was rather intimidated and quite worried that I wouldn’t be up to snuff for the part and I also really thought I wasn’t cut out for theater, it wasn’t a thing for me, I didn’t think I had the skills to accomplish anything in the theater, but over time in a combination of my own hard work and the really great encouragement of our directors and my fellow actors I think I’ve really grown in my ability to act, sing and dance etc…” he said, “I have come to a point where I can proudly call myself a true thespian.” Several other of the principal actors are Nina Samuel (Annie), Isabel Wallace (Grace Farrell), and Mary Caldwell (Miss Hannigan).

So when can one see this exciting, comedic, and heartwarming production? Annie will be performed Thursday, April 30th and Friday, May 1st (a little bit less than two weeks)! The doors will open at 6:30 pm and the show will start promptly at 7:00 pm so buy your tickets now at lunch or via for $7 and enjoy the show. And remember, smile, darn ya, smile!


Delaware Valley Science Competition


Delaware Valley Science Competition Results

April 1st, 2015

First Place:

Upper Division

  • Rachel Weinstein - Botany

    • Gold Medalist Junior Fair

    • Drexel University Partial Scholarship

    • University of the Sciences in Philadelphia Scholarship

Lower Division

  • Angela Zhao and Himani Jani - Team

    • Team Medalist

    • University of the Sciences in Philadelphia Scholarship

  • Harrison Whitman - Botany

Second Place:

Upper Division

  • Andrew Chen - Behavior and Social Sciences

    • ALS Fighting Lou Gehrig’s Disease Award

    • University of the Sciences in Philadelphia Scholarship

  • Amrita Gill - Zoology

    • University of the Sciences in Philadelphia Scholarship

Lower Division

  • Arjun Gupta - Medicine and Health

    • 3rd Place Insitute of Food Technologists, Philadelphia

Third Place:

Upper Division

  • Jaehyun Kim - Botany

    • Ricoh Americas Corporation Sustainable Development Award

    • University of the Sciences in Philadelphia Scholarship

Lower Division

  • Simran Tatsukar - Medicine and Health

Honorable Mention:

Upper Division

  • Kelsey Murray - Microbiology

    • American Society for Microbiology- Honorable Mention

    • Harrisburg University Scholarship

Lower Division

  • Mary Hanna-alla - Botany

  • Michael Abelar - Computer

  • Alison Pagalilauan - Environmental

  • Orli Weiss - Medicine and Health

  • Thomas Lehan -  Microbiology

Special Awards:

  • Ingrid Song & Grace Petrosini - Future Scientist/USDA Eastern Regional Res. Ctr.-Future Scientist Award

  • Molly McGroary - Harrisburg University Scholarship, Pennsylvania BioGENEius Challenge

  • Ranjan Pati - Pennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers-Valley Forge Chapter Engineering Award

Congratulations to all who competed.