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Joe Maggiore: 2015 BTHS Caring Award Recepient

BTHS proudly named Joe Maggiore as its recipient of the 2015 Monmouth County Guidance Director Association's Caring Award!

Joe embodies the spirit of service that is such an important part of the IB Mission & our school culture. Throughout his high school experience, Joe has participated in many exemplary service and leadership projects, including founding the non-profit organization Beats for a Cause.

Joe, along with his parents, Ms. Krauter and Mr. Meehan attended the Caring Award Ceremony and Breakfast in March where Joe was presented with the award and the video highlighting his service accomplishments was shown:


Jersey Shore Science Fair 2015

Jersey Shore Science Fair Results
Richard Stockton College
March 21, 2015

First Place:

  • Molly McGroary-Biochemistry 
  • Rachel Weinstein-Botany (Upper Division) 
  • Anekha Goyal-Environmental 
  • Arjun Gupta-Medicine & Health 
  • Thomas Lehan-Microbiology 
  • Kelsey Murray-Microbioloby (Upper Division) 
  • Himani Jani & Angela Zhao-Team Competition 

Second Place:

  • Andrew Chen-Behavior & Social Science (Upper Division) 
  • Harrison Whitman-Botany 
  • Tori Tiefenthaler-Biochemistry 
  • Michael Abelar-Computers 
  • Ricki Pati-Engineering 
  • Alison Pagalilauan-Environmental 
  • Simran Tatuskar-Medicine & Health 
  • Grace Petrosini & Ingrid Song-Team Competition 

Third Place:

  • Victoria Johnson-Behavior & Social Science (Upper Division) 
  • Mary Hanna-alla-Botany 
  • Jaehyun Kim-Botany (Upper Division) 
  • Nate Byrnes-Environmental 
  • Jennifer Hom-Environmental (Upper Division) 
  • Orli Weiss-Medicine & Health 
  • Brian Meng-Microbiology 
  • Amrita Gill-Zoology (Upper Division) 
  • Daniel Andrade & Michael Brennan-Team Competition 

Honorable Mention:

  • Vahini Talamati-Botany 
  • Saaketh Kanikicharla-Computers 
  • Dylan Cook-Environmental 
  • Marisa Wu-Environmental (Upper Division) 
  • Burton Ye-Math 
  • Gillian Teitelbaum-Medicine 
  • Tiffany Paul-Medicine 
  • Nicholas Fotopoulos-Medicine 
  • Danielle Kulyk-Medicine (Upper Division) 
  • Joanna Barton-Medicine (Upper Division) 
  • Emma Mueller-Medicine (Upper Division) 
  • Eric Lin-Microbiology 
  • William Weiner-Microbioloby (Upper Division) 
  • Hannah Pettit-Zoology (Upper Division) 
  • Chloe Le Moing-Zoology (Upper Division)  

BTHS 2015 Results (team win counts as 1)

  • First - 7 
  • Second- 8 
  • Third- 9 
  • Honorable Mention- 15 
  • Total= 39



Moody's Mega Math Challenge 

Congratulations to our Biotech Super Team - Saaketh Kanikicharla, Saavan Chintalacheruvu, Burton Ye, Andrew Chen, and Patrick Kim (+Mrs. Oygenblik!) advanced into the 2nd round of Mega Moody's Math Challenge to compete for the prize between $1,000 and $20,000! Only 201 teams out of 1128 teams made it this far!



Class of 2015 Creativity Action Service

The Class of 2015 has collectively done an amazing job fulfilling the IB Diploma requirements for Creativity, Action, Service. Congrats to the seniors for not only finishing up CAS, but also completing their Extended Essays and Theory of Knowledge!

Here is a slideshow showcasing the seniors CAS activities:


Nominations for Soph & Junior Opportunities 

The Guidance Office would like to congratulate our sophomore nominee for the HOBY Leadership Conference & junior nominees for Governor School & NJ Scholars. We received TONS of high quality applications, forcing us to make some very difficult decisions. Please don't be discouraged if you applied and were not nominated, there are plenty of other summer programs out there that can be just as rewarding for you.

Congratulations to ...

  • HOBY Ambassador - Varsha Garla 
  • NJ Scholars Program - Jessie Liu & Jenna Weingarten 
  • Governor's School (Engineering & Technology) - Burton Ye 
  • Governor's School (School in Sciences) - Rachel Weinstein