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Fall Coffeehouse

By: Joyce Lee

Visitors and students alike enjoyed a pleasant evening of music and free food at 2017’s Fall Coffeehouse.

On October 27, over thirty students from the Arts and Entertainment Club came together to share their musical talents in a relaxed atmosphere as the faint scent of donated treats and hot coffee lingered in the air of the stage lights. “I liked the casual, friendly atmosphere of the Coffeehouse,” a sophomore recalls. “It didn't seem too formal; it was really just a time to hang out with friends and listen to talented BTHS students!”

Some highlights of October’s Coffeehouse include “Secrets” by One Republic covered by Beats for a Cause, “Somebody that I Used to Know” by Gotye covered by the BTHS Choir, “Take on Me” by a-ha covered by Boy’s A Capella, and a performance of “How to Save a Life” by The Fray featuring the Arts and Entertainment Officers.

There were a total of fifteen acts that took place on Friday night; all of them were put together entirely by students only. All proceeds from the event will go to the A&E Club’s production of Legally Blonde. Be sure to order tickets!

After the performances ended, I proceeded to interview the performers for a more in-depth look at the students that make up our Arts and Entertainment Program. Here are some of their responses:

What do you like most about BTHS’s A&E Club?

“I love the closeness of the group. I feel like even if my performances were a bit off, everyone is always there to tell you you did great, which is so important in a club.” -Sophomore

“The community! Everyone is so nice and easy to talk to. The upperclassmen are also super friendly.” -Sophomore

“How it's almost entirely student run! I think that shows how dedicated and passionate Biotech students are about the arts, and that we really care enough about it to bring it to a heavily science based school.” -Sophomore

“Club fair and not sleeping during tech week before the musical.” -Senior

Why do you enjoy performing?

“It was something new and I hadn't performed before like this, so I decided to overcome my fear of the idea and just try it. I definitely enjoyed performing and it boosted my confidence about performing again in the future.” -Freshman

“The performance of art is all about the expression of one own's creativity, and being able to share that with other people is the only universal goal of art. If I'm given the opportunity to share my art with others, I'd be remiss to pass it up.” -Senior

What draws you to music?

“Music has helped me with a lot of stuff in past, and there's a song for literally every possible occasion. Music is an escape for me and I love singing so that's music also.” -Sophomore

“Performing allows me to show my more creative side that might not be as apparent in the classroom. Even though we go to a very science-centric school, I think it's amazing that students are still able to foster a diverse, artistic environment. Collaborating with others who are also dedicated to the arts gives me a sense of belonging and completeness that I don't think I could find anywhere else.” -Senior

“Music allows me to share intimate moments with people I’ve never met in my life. I find that very powerful and rewarding.” -Junior

What was your favorite part of October Coffeehouse?

“Every single part! Especially the audience and the crew are so special, not to mention the amazing performers!” -Sophomore

“Performing. I felt like a whole different person!” -Freshman


BTHS Academic Team

By: Dylan Kemmerer

Do you know a plethora of random facts about a diverse array of subjects? Do you want to share extremely incredible knowledge with your peers? Do you just want to have fun in a friendly environment while learning numerous things? Well, if you answered “yes” to any or all of the previous questions, Academic Team is definitely the club for you!

Academic Team is a club dedicated to the recognition of excess knowledge taking up space in your brain. Every Tuesday, the members meet in the physics room during the first half of lunch. They partake in a friendly Jeopardy-like competition that pits one team of students against another; however, the club partakes in other activities.

The members visit other schools and partake in competitions which are run extremely similar to the practices during lunch. Currently, there are four confirmed competitions: Colts Neck High School, Donovan Catholic, North Jersey Academic Championship (NorJAC), and High Tech. As of now, only the Colts Neck High School competition has occurred, with each team performing really well. Though none of the four teams placed, they each scored a high amount of points.

The Donovan Catholic tournament occurs on November 14th, and the club will return on the 20th, provided they qualify for the playoffs. NorJAC is on December 9th, while the High Tech competition takes place on January 9th & 16th.

If this club sounds tremendously exciting, you should visit one of their meetings and sign up for the email list to be informed about important information.


Getting to Know Ms. Barrett: 50 Rapidfire Questions

​​By: A.J. Fezza

Get to know our new English and Public Speaking teacher Ms. Barrett in this round of #50RapidFireQuestions! 


Chris Poulos Anti-Bullying Seminar


By Nikita Rana

On October 19th, Chris Poulos visited BTHS freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, as well as students from the Career Center, with an assembly that not many expected. His message for this annual Anti-Bullying Seminar was delivered in a unique way: on a bike. Throughout the assembly, Mr. Poulos rode his bike around the MPR while talking about the real-life applications of respect. This unexpected method of presenting allowed students to pay close attention to portions of assemblies that are usually deemed boring, such as presentations.

Mr. Poulos ensured that everyone in the audience was engaged by performing his exciting and award-winning stunts every ten or fifteen minutes. Along with each stunt, he shared the backstory and in the end, how it tied to respect. For example, he shared specific memories about the frustration associated with each failed attempt at a new stunt. But, by showing respect to his coaches, he was able to learn more with each practice session and in the end, achieve global recognition for his talents.

Many students agreed that watching the assembly was both fun and educational, and definitely a nice way to spend a Thursday afternoon.

The overall takeaway from Mr. Poulos’ presentation was that bullying follows a lack of respect, so if there is respect, there will not be bullying. He claimed that if he had bullied others, he would not be in the place that he is in today.

More information about Mr. Poulos can be found at his website,


Biotech Changes Hunger

By Michael Greenberg

Biotech students are showing their charitable sides during the Students Change Hunger food drive. Students Change Hunger (SCH) is an event hosted by the Federation of New Jersey Food Banks to combat hunger in New Jersey. Hunger is a nation-wide and global issue that affects millions of people constantly. The state of New Jersey is trying to make a dent in the number of people going hungry, and SCH is an innovative way for students to give back to the community and help people in need. Schools throughout New Jersey will compete for the most food donated to their local food bank. Whichever school donates the most will be rewarded. Biotech is taking it one step further, though, by creating an inter-class competition to collect the most food. Recently, the Students of Service (SOS) club members decorated boxes for each class to place their donations into. Donating is completely optional, but if you are interested in donating, please bring in nonperishable foods in cans or boxes. So get donating, and may the best class win!

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