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Biotech’s 2016 Battle of the Classes

By: Tiara Paul and Ester Teper

After months of planning and preparation, Biotech’s Battle of the Classes finally hit it off on Friday, December 23rd! School spirit was alive, and everyone knew the competition was on. Over the past few weeks, our Students of Service (SOS) club held a Students Change Hunger Food Drive. With the juniors at 667 pounds, seniors at 577, sophomores at 508, and freshmen at 174, Biotech used the spirit of BOTC to help Monmouth County Food Banks with over a ton of food! We also used the Coin Jar to raise money for Students Change Hunger, where 1 penny in your grade’s jar adds 1 point, but to make it interesting, silver coins subtract 1 point. After students scrambled to toss pennies to their grade’s jar and throw nickels and dimes into competing jars, the sophomores won, followed by the freshmen, juniors, and seniors.

Additionally, all throughout Spirit Week (the week leading up to BOTC), we had dress up days. With Pajama Day, Formal/Holiday Day, Superhero Day, Throwback Day, and Class Color Day, Biotech students showed all their enthusiasm and school spirit! The seniors were in the lead, then the sophomores, juniors, and freshmen.

Another activity that occurred before the day of BOTC was Clue. Students arranged themselves in groups by grade and participated in  a scavenger hunt, trying to give their grade a lead in BOTC. Seniors won, with juniors coming very close, freshman in third place, and sophomores in fourth place.

On  BOTC day, we kicked off the competition with the art wall, which each grade spent hours working on inside and outside of school. The goal was to represent each grade with a decorative wall, including its class color. The freshman went with the classic “Frosh are friends not food,” and symbolized the other grades as sharks, and them as Nemo. This cute message wasn’t what the judges were looking for on the day of BOTC, and they ended in last place. The sophomores, coming in third, had a “meme” wall, with Kermit the frog sipping tea, ready to steam their competition. The juniors had a jailbreak wall, which was connected to their dance. They used caution tape and included pictures of each person in their grade. For the finale, they broke through and out of their jail cell. This exceptional use of mechanics gave them first place for the wall. The seniors, already jumping towards their futures, used the motto, “Up and away.” The simplicity and the Up theme made their wall very creative, but the judges gave them second place.

The second competition was The Voice, where an acapella group from each grade was allowed to prepare a song to perform. For an extra challenge,two minutes before their performance, they were given a holiday song to perform. Biotechnology High School truly showcased their talents in a stress-free way. The juniors came out in first place, then freshmen, seniors, and finally sophomores.

The next activity was impressions, where one person came up to impersonate a celebrity talking about a certain topic, selected right before doing the impression. The seniors impersonated Bernie Sanders, and got first place, the juniors impersonated Morgan Freeman and got third place, the sophomores impersonated Randy Jackson and got fourth place, and the freshmen impersonated Kanye West, and got second place.

Next, each grade’s participants showed us their speed, strength, and stamina in the Relay Race. After a combination of sprinting, jump roping, field hockey skills, and push-ups, seniors actively relayed their way to first with juniors, sophomores, and then freshmen following.

To continue, the true biotechnology spirit and education was put to the ultimate test in Lab Wars. In this activity, students needed to parafilm three plates while blindfolded, load a gel, and then focus in on a word that was under the microscope. The seniors won, juniors came in second, and the sophomores and freshman tied due to a lack of time.

Finally, BOTC ended with a bang with each grade’s dance! Thanks to each grade’s amazing choreographers and enthusiastic dancers, it was so much fun to watch the students dance to hip hop songs like “Stronger”, old timers like Elvis’s “Jailhouse Rock”, couples’ dances such as  Bruno Mars’ “Runaway Baby”, and cultural dances such as Bollywood choreography to the song “Kala Chashma”.

The senior class' BOTC dance

Seniors came in first, followed by sophomores, juniors, and freshmen, but it was  great performance and effort by all grades! In the end, seniors won BOTC with 825 points, juniors at 725, sophomores at 500, and freshmen at 425. What a great, spirited note to send Biotech off to enjoy Winter Break!

Seniors Mary Hanna-Alla, Shivani Lakshman, Kajal Rana, Grace Zhang, Anekha Goyal, Anika Patel, Angela Zhao, Nina Samuel, Varsha Garla, and Himani Jani 

Juniors Selena Nandiwada, Aditi Patel, Ritik Shah, Sam Fisher, Lana Salloum, Sonal Mahindroo, Akansha Khurana, and Hari Koganti

Sophomores Deeksha Kommireddi, Tiara Paul, Shaanti Choi-Bose, and Mansi Shah

Seniors M Benesch, Grace Zhang, Roy Kim, Gaby De Los Santos, Sara Bonardi, Colin Ahearn, DeVonn Smith, Brian Meng, and Jodie Chiou 


Spirit Week Dress Up Days

Monday 12/19: "I Woke Up Like This" Day
-Also known as pajama day

Tuesday 12/20: Formal OR Holiday Sweater Day
-You can dress to impress or dress in the holiday spirit.

Wednesday 12/21: Superhero Day

Thursday 12/22: Throwback Day #tbt
-Must have an outfit that represents a previous decade. This can be anything--colonial attire, the disco era, you name it... Just be creative!

Friday 12/23: Class Color Day
-At least one article of clothing must be your class color. Accessories and jewelry do not count.


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