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Biotech’s Magical Spring Musical: Cinderella

By: Bridget Corpus

Cinderella, the story of a princess that everyone knows and loves, will be brought to life by A&E in the spring of 2019! This musical will follow the life of a young woman named Ella, who is forced to live with her cruel stepmother and stepsisters. Through the help of a fairy godmother and a little bit of magic, Ella will be transformed for one night to find her Prince Charming. This version is similar to the Broadway production of Cinderella, so there will be a few refreshing and comedic changes from the original movie.

Biotech’s production of Cinderella will be directed and led by a talented group of seniors known as the Creative Team. Ester Teper and Deeksha Kommireddi are the acting directors, Neha Nandiwada is the singing director, and Olivia Pasquale and Nathan Kan are the choreographers. This musical is completely student-led; everything from the props to the scenery to the costumes is created by members of the A&E Club. If you want to help in the preparation of Cinderella, then you are more than welcome to! It’s not only a great service opportunity and a chance for students to get involved at Biotech, but participating in the production of this play will be exciting for all grades.

Mark your calendars! Cinderella will be performed on Friday, March 22 and Saturday, March 23 of 2019. As always, it’s sure to be an amazing musical put on by an equally amazing cast and crew.

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