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Underclassmen Tips For Success

By Michael Greenberg

High school is a period of change and development in many students’ lives. Some can find it stressful, especially when attending a prestigious school such as Biotech. The curriculum is very demanding, and underclassmen who are newly exposed to it may have trouble coping. These tips will help underclassmen navigate the challenges they might face in their first two years.

1.    Learn Time Management
Time management is one of the most crucial skills that students need to learn in high school. The concept refers to effectively planning your events and balancing school work with other activities in order to succeed in all areas. If you know there is a busy day ahead and you won’t have much time at home to finish your homework, take advantage of the lunch period to catch up on work instead of playing basketball outside. If you know you get home from sports practice at 9:00 and you have to study for three tests that night, try to work studying in throughout the week before, and even miss practice if you need to. Time management is necessary for high school students to learn in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and succeed. Remember to take advantage of the opportunities you have to stay ahead.

2.    Lunch Is Yours, Use It
One of the features of BTHS that students like the most is the one-hour lunch period we have, every day of the week. Many different things can be packed into that lunch period, whether it be club meetings, studying for tests, finishing homework, or playing sports outside. Lunch is very accommodating for a student, and it is important to remember this when worrying about assignments or tests. The Media Center is almost always open for students who want to fit some extra work into their schedules.  

3.    Don’t Worry About the Past
Many underclassmen spend too much time worrying about assignments that they have already handed in, or being angry at themselves for making mistakes on tests. This is probably one of the worst mindsets to have as a student. It is important to realize that there is nothing that you can do after submitting that assignment. Stressing out too much over it can do nothing but hurt you, both through self-esteem and disrupting your concentration on current or future assignments. While this mindset may seem obvious or useless, it is crucial. High school is not the same as middle school and expecting to ace every test can seriously lower a student’s self-esteem. Be sure to put events in perspective, and keep the present in mind.

4.    Get Enough Sleep
Though it may sound cliché, sleep is one of the most important facets of your high school career to worry about. Yes, the BTHS curriculum is demanding and sometimes you feel that you need to study an extra couple of hours even though it is already late at night, but staying up late studying will only leave you tired in the morning. This might affect your concentration, coordination, and cognitive ability the next day. Bragging about who stayed up longer is often seen as a sign of dedication or determination to succeed, but over time the detrimental effects of not getting enough sleep will become clear. Strive for 8 hours of sleep a night to maintain a healthy sleep schedule.

5.    Get to Know Your Class
The students in your class will be with you for the next four (or three for sophomores) years of your lives. Forging friendships in high school is crucial for the social development of students, and some friendships last long out of high school. Take advantage of all of the opportunities BTHS gives students to socialize and get to know each other, such as Chill Sessions, Dances, and everyday lunch periods. Having close friends you can depend on can make the high school experience much more enjoyable.

6.    Enjoy Yourself!
Even though high school is a time where students are expected to perform extremely well academically, grades are by no means the only focus of these four years. High school is a time for students to explore their interests, from clubs and activities to sports and volunteering. Do not let your high school years become centered around grades and college admissions. It is important to do what pleases you, and enjoy yourself! As with all new experiences, many memories will be made in high school. Try your best to make them as happy as possible.    

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