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Back to Biotech: Changes for 2018-19

By: Bridget Corpus

Hey Biotech!

It’s that time of year again—back-to-school! To the Class of 2022, welcome to Biotech! Now that we’ve been at Biotech for a few weeks, everyone is definitely getting to know their teachers, learning how to navigate from class to class, and catching up with friends. Clubs will be up and running very soon, the season of exams will begin, and sooner than you think, we’ll be back to normal.

If you’re a sophomore, junior, or senior, you may have noticed some changes in  the school. Whether it be new faculty or physical appearances, here’s a breakdown of a few of the differences from last year:

-Mr. Cherubino
The first new faculty member we’re welcoming to Biotech is Mr. Cherubino, the Intro to Computer Science and AP Computer Science A teacher! Mr. Cherubino has had a career in Information Technology, working in Florida, Massachusetts, and New Jersey, and teaching both graduate and undergraduate college computer science courses. He is also a certified Open Water Scuba Diver, having diving experience around Florida and the Caribbean. Mr. Cherubino also enjoys traveling and camping, and has camped throughout the United States, Europe, and Canada. This is his first time teaching at the high school level, but he already enjoys the spirit and individualism of the students at BTHS. Mr. Cherubino is hoping to pass his knowledge and experience down to his students, and wants to encourage them to become achievers throughout their high school years. Be sure to say hello and welcome Mr. Cherubino to Biotech!

-Intro to Computer Science instead of Digital Literacy for the freshmen
As freshmen, all students took Digital Literacy during the first semester. This year, however, Digital Literacy has been replaced with Intro to Computer Science! Many of you may be curious as to what the freshmen will be learning in this course. Taught by Mr. Cherubino, it covers a wide variety of topics including computer hardware/software, networking, file structures, and the development of computer programs, where students will learn how to design, create, debug, and test programs. This is a great addition to the variety of courses that Biotech offers.

-Ms. Froonjian
Another new faculty member we’re welcoming this year is Ms. Froonjian, the freshman Intro to Biology/Genetics teacher! Ms. Froonjian graduated from Stockton University in 2017. She has taught at 4 different schools as a temporary leave replacement teacher, until finally coming to BTHS. Some hobbies she enjoys are practicing yoga, hiking, swimming, reading, painting, and knitting. A few fun facts about Ms. Froonjian are that she is a lifeguard during the summer, she helps out with a kombucha company, she is a vegan, and her last name is Armenian. She’s looking forward to getting to know both the students and staff at Biotech, as well as learning more strategies to become a better teacher! If you see Ms. Froonjian in the halls, make sure to give her a warm welcome to BTHS!

-Mrs. Mitchell’s retirement and Mr. Arpa is coming back
Mrs. Mitchell, teacher of sophomore US History and freshman World Cultures will be retiring this September. She has been at BTHS from the very beginning, a true part of our community and someone we will miss dearly. With Mrs. Mitchell leaving, Mr. Arpa will come  back in early October to permanently teach both World Cultures and U.S. History I! Mr. Arpa chose to become a teacher as a second career in life. He has always had a passion for history, and he wanted to follow and share that passion with others. We can see his admiration for this subject, as he says, “What we learn from history gives us the opportunity to understand people and effectively engage the political and social issues of today. It is essential to know and understand the human experience to avoid being simply reactionary to the issues we must decide on today. Humans have achieved so much, yet suffered so greatly.  An understanding of history is the first step in improving our world.” Mr. Arpa enjoys baseball, as well as listening to music, skiing, watching movies, and taking his dog to the park. He says that he could not be happier than to be coming on board to Biotech, as the students have made such a good impression that he cannot dream of wanting to teach history anywhere else. Make sure to welcome Mr. Arpa back to BTHS when you see him!

-Club Fair
The club fair is an  event that is a great way to kick off the beginning of the school year, as students (especially freshmen) can find groups of people who share the same interests as them! Last year, we were not fortunate enough to have the event happen, but this year it was an amazing success. On Friday, September 21, official and unofficial clubs lined the front of the MPR during lunch. Students crowded around the trifolds, signing up for everything they found interesting while eating some of the snacks the clubs provided. Some of the new student-led groups this year include Psychology Club, Genders and Sexualities Alliance, and Math and Chess Club. For the freshman who didn’t sign up or weren’t there, you can send an email to the club officers, and they’ll sign you up! Be sure to get involved, as this is a great way to continue working at your passions.

During the 2016-2017 school year, all of the students at Biotech went on a field trip to see a production called Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom. This year, on February 1st, 2019, the junior class will be attending a production of Macbeth at the Two River Theater in Red Bank! In anticipation for this event, the students of the Class of 2020 will read Shakespeare’s Macbeth during English class in the weeks leading up to the trip.

It’s always a good thing to see Biotech undergoing changes that help make our school an even more enjoyable place to be. Best of luck to everyone this year!

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