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Ways to Relieve Stress

By: Nivedita Nambrath

At Biotech, there is no denying that life can get hectic. Those who have let procrastination get the best of them are probably pretty stressed and are looking for ways to prevent this from happening again. The amount of stress we feel can get pretty overwhelming, but luckily there are a plethora of simple, fun ways to relieve stress.

Here are some examples of ways that Biotech students like to relax:

"Whenever I'm stressed, I like to make myself some tea and then read some comics or watch some cartoons."

“I like meditating and doing yoga because it clears my mind. I also like drawing and playing the piano to relax.” 

“I like to listen to music and do nothing for a while.”

“I eat a lot and watch shows.”

Here are some ways to relieve stress and take some time for yourself:

1.    Brew some tea and make a healthy snack - Chamomile and Green Tea are known for being calming, but any tea will do. Not only does tea help calm your mind, the process and ritual of making tea can also be relaxing. A healthy snack can give you a positive energy boost, and unlike an unhealthy snack, it’s wholesome and nutritious and gives you a more lasting feeling of satisfaction.

2.    Talk to a friend or family member - Ranting and venting and spilling everything out can be really relieving. Find someone you’re close with and tell them all about what’s on your mind. This way, your stress isn’t welled up inside of you. You can get it out. Plus, it’s basically free talk therapy.

3.    Journal - If you can’t vent to a human, vent to a notebook or piece of paper. “Stream of consciousness” journaling is a very popular technique these days. Basically, you just write down every thought you have, no matter how ungrammatical or angry it may be. This serves the same purpose as talking to a friend or family member - getting your stress out so that it’s no longer bottled up within you.

4.    Use some apps and computer applications:
Noisli - creates ambient nature sounds (rain, birds, trees, rivers, coffeeshop noises, trains, etc.) that you can mix and customize to create a really relaxing backdrop of natural white noise while you work.

Headspace - a very nicely designed app/website that helps you learn to meditate effectively. A lot of it designed for people who dislike meditation or have never done it before. Each session is only 10 minutes and builds on the previous session. The first 10 sessions are free, and at the end of those 10 sessions, many people have said that their ability to relax and concentrate is already better. It’s worth trying.

There are lots more apps out there that are built for relaxation. Do a quick google search and you’ll come up with tons.

5.    Take a walk - Going outside and getting fresh in general can be very relieving, but taking a relaxed walk and enjoying the present moment for a while is especially nice. Running outside also helps to clear the mind, and stay active.

6.    Make a to-do list - A common source of stress is feeling like there’s so much to do, and so little time. Writing down everything that you have to do is helpful because you don’t have to remember it in your head anymore. Also, you can plan out how long each task will take to keep your day under control.

7.    Clean up your environment - A messy environment means a messy mind. Cleaning your workspace helps you clear your mind. Also, the process of cleaning can be relaxing.

8.    Create - Art is a great way to relax. No matter how skilled an artist you may be, the process of exercising your creativity and turning your imagination into reality can be immensely satisfying and even therapeutic. Whether you choose to draw, sing, paint, or even mold things out of play-doh, the process of creating something entirely your own can be very relaxing indeed.

Life’s too short to spend so much time stressed. Take a little time out for yourself and see how much better it makes your day.

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