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Sports in Biotech’s Community

By: Sophia Yun

Biotech High School is not just active in school, but out on a larger stages, too; high school sports! Below are students who have participated in a fall Sport and want to share their achievements and season, along with their plans for the upcoming winter and spring sports!

What team do you participate for and in what sport?

-Nikita Rana, 11th grade, Marlboro

-Jackie Finley, 10th grade, Manasquan

“Cross Country”
-Sanjit Basker, 10th grade, Marlboro

“Manasquan football”
-Cam Teza, 10th grade, Manasquan

“Baseball Marlboro Mustangs”
-Matt Su, 11th grade, Marlboro

“Soccer at Middletown South”
-Christina Sundt, 12th grade, Middletown South

“Marlboro XC”
-Devin Ling, 11th grade, Marlboro

What was your best achievement this season?

“Becoming team captain”
-Nikita Rana

“I improved my touches on the ball and my overall awareness of the field”
-Jackie Finley

“Team got to Shore Conference, which is a big race for only the top 16 teams”
-Sanjit Basker

“2 RBI single on bases loaded in top 7th to help tie the game in playoffs”
-Matt Su

“State Semifinalists (ongoing)”
-Christina Sundt

“Running a 17:33 in a 5k”
-Devin Ling

How did your team do overall?

“Not too great, we lost a lot of seniors last year so adjusting to the new court was difficult”
-Nikita Rana

“We did well!”
-Jackie Finley

-Sanjit Basker

“Went to state tournament as a five seed, had a huge win over 4 seed Roselle, lost in semis to point boro in rivalry game”
-Cam Teza

-Christina Sundt

“We were able to qualify for state sectionals in the first time in 7 years”
-Devin Ling

Did you try anything new this season?

“Yes, I changed my serve to add more topspin”
-Nikita Rana

“I tried to be more relaxed and play my game rather than trying to do what others do or don’t do”
-Jackie Finley

“Bunch of new positions”
-Cam Teza

“New positions”
-Matt Su

Other comments

“I hurt my foot in soccer, but I’m excited for next season and getting ready”

-Matt Su

-Devin Ling

Thanks for reading this article! Stay tuned to our school news to see new updates. Good luck Biotech!

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