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Legally Blonde: The Musical, the Next BTHS Production

By: Sam Mueller

One of the most wonderful things about BTHS is that its student body doesn’t just possess academic excellence; it also exhibits talent and dedication to the arts. In March 2018, that talent and dedication will take to the stage to perform “Legally Blonde: The Musical,” Biotech’s fourth musical production presented by the Arts and Entertainment Club. The show will follow last year’s production of “Beauty and the Beast.”

The show is based off of the book Legally Blonde by Amanda Brown, the book that inspired the movie with the same name. The story follows the life of Elle Woods, a UCLA senior whose boyfriend Warner dumps her because she isn’t serious enough; after all, Warner is going to Harvard Law, and Elle is a fashion merchandising major. But Elle doesn’t let that stop her from following Warner to Harvard Law. Elle finds herself totally out of her element at law school, but she persists to discover her own talents - and find herself - along the way. Elle’s tale is hilarious, empowering, and heartwarming. The music of the show is what carries these themes, with energetic songs that bring comedy, drama, and excitement to the stage.

Part of Legally Blonde’s greatness comes from its variety of characters. Elle encounters many people along her journey at Harvard Law, such the steely Professor Callahan, the spunky hair dresser Paulette, the nerdy but extremely helpful Emmett, and the irresistible UPS delivery man, Kyle.

Biotech’s production is entirely student-run within the Arts and Entertainment Club. Directors Deeksha Kommireddi, Laura Vorbach, and Neha Nandiwada will be working with other student pit band directors, costume designers, choreographers, light and sound team, stage crew managers and set designers to make the show a reality. Auditions will take place near the end of November, so students interested in auditioning should get ready! Although the musical is run by members of the Arts and Entertainment Club, all students are encouraged to audition for a role, play in the pit band or help behind the scenes.

Students, come and get involved! “Legally Blonde: The Musical” will be another showcase of the talent our school possesses that goes beyond excellence in the classroom. Grab your sheet music and your creativity, and join in on being a part of a show that brings laughs and fulfillment to the stage!

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