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Freshmen Perspective on Biotech

By: Gloria Liu & Bridget Corpus

High school is a big step up for anyone, but Biotechnology High School provides a different experience for students with its welcoming community and many opportunities. BTHS's newest students, the class of 2021, offer some fresh perspectives about this school.

What aspect of our school made you choose BTHS out of the vocational schools or your home high school?

“BTHS seemed very friendly and welcoming, while also being serious about the education aspect. The IB program also seemed interesting.”

“The spacious design of BTHS and the huge labs definitely caught my attention at the open houses. My passion for general sciences mainly was the reason I applied.”

“I love science and when I saw this school, I  knew that this place would foster that love.  When I saw the labs, I freaked at the amazing equipment and experiments high schoolers were doing.”

What do you think of the people in your grade? How about the students in older grades?

“I only knew one person coming in...however, everyone is friendly and I’m trying to make friends! The people in the older grades are also really friendly based on my limited experiences with them.”

“Everyone in my grade is kind and intelligent, and seemed to bond together quickly. The upperclassmen are always willing to help the freshmen!”

“The people in my grade are really nice and easy to talk to.  They are also very smart.  Students in older grades are so helpful and supportive and are always there for the freshmen, whether to give advice on Biotech life or help us fit in.”

What is your favorite class so far? Why?

“I love both of my science classes because the teachers are approachable and helpful, and we’re learning a lot of interesting concepts.”

“I greatly enjoy Biology and Chemistry; while the classes are the most difficult, they are also fun in that we constantly do hands-on activities.”

“My favorite class is biology. I have learned so much in the first few months and I feel that a mere 2 months have helped me understand the world better.”

Are you excited about any school activity or classroom experience in the future that you may have heard about from an upperclassman?

“I’m excited to use the big labs when I’m an upperclassman!”

“The JSA Fall State is coming up this weekend and I will be participating in it. Older students have often praised this overnight event, and I’m super excited!”

“I’m excited about BOTC since I hear it's supposed to be tons of fun.”

Was Biotech different or similar to your initial expectations?

“The workload was about what I expected, but it’s manageable. I’m doing way better in my classes than I thought I would.”

“I kept my mind open before coming to Biotech, so I didn’t have many expectations. However, my overall experience was basically everything I expected.”

“It was different.  I expected to be constantly doing homework and studying.  However, while I am learning a lot, I also have time to take part in many fun activities like coffeehouses, JSA conventions, and academic team competitions.  

How was your transition from middle school to BTHS?

“The material at BTHS is definitely more difficult, but I can manage it. Everyone here is way more focused and cares about their education more than at my middle school.”

“The number of people in my grade was actually not much different than middle school, and I believe my transition was pretty easy. The first few days were a little overwhelming, but getting used to the environment was quick.”

“It was so smooth since I had good teachers, friends, and upperclassmen to help me transition.  The teachers are AMAZING and were really understanding and all the students supported each other.”

All in all, freshmen at BTHS seem to already fit into this school community and have a positive impression of this school. Hopefully, they keep this outlook as the school year goes on.  Here’s to a successful year for not only the freshmen, but everyone at Biotech!

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