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BTHS Royale 2017

By: Sanjit Basker

On November 22nd, the first-ever BTHS Royale began. Each team of four consisted of one student from each grade. The teams were chosen on November 1st, and they had come up with team names and costumes. Some of the names were the Smooth Criminals, Team Fast Food, and the Ninja Turtles.

There were many challenges for the teams to compete in. At the end of most of the challenges, one of the teams was eliminated, and the rest advanced into the next round.

In the Test of Cuisine, teams were given a set of ingredients and lab equipment, and asked to create a meal and serve it to the judges on a weigh boat.

Another of the challenges was the Test of Skill, in which each team had to make a tower out of 30 Solo cups, and the teams that built the two highest stacks moved on. Unfortunately, Tarun Sudabathula’s team was eliminated at the last moment, when their tower fell over.

The very last challenge was the Test of Trivia, where the final two teams, the American Olympians and Santa and his Reindeer were pitted in a showdown of trivia in various categories. Some of the questions included “How many homeruns did Aaron Judge hit this season?” and “Which US state is the town of Bread Loaf in?” Eventually, the winners were the American Olympians, who won the Test of Trivia by a landslide.

Students had generally positive opinions about BTHS Royale. One freshman said, “It was a nice way to relax after bio and before the long weekend.” Congratulations to the winning team!

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